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Lynx uses one word to describe themselves: professional. Lynx outdoor products have been expertly designed by highly trained craftsmen for over 35 years! Their grills and outdoor kitchen accessories are manufactured with commercial-grade quality and would not be out of place in the finest gourmet restaurants. Professionalism is what you can expect from a Lynx outdoor kitchen!

  • Why Choose Lynx Professional Grills?

    At Lynx, innovation is an important component of the company. Innovation at Lynx is a result of continuous design and engineering excellence. Lynx strives to make improvements that help you cook better or make the grill easier to use. While other grill manufacturers may have a similar feature, Lynx focuses on doing it better. Excellence is the expectation. Here are some unique and innovative features, many of which are exclusive to Lynx.

    Welded Construction

    Heli-Arc Welded Construction

    Most grill manufacturers use mechanical fasteners during construction. Lynx craftsmen use heli-arc welding to seamlessly weld pieces of stainless steel together into an integrated body. This type of assembly is free of gaps and seams preventing the accumulation of moisture and grease. The design is durable, easy to clean, and it helps give Lynx that distinctive appearance.

    Hood Assist Kit

    Lynx Hood Assist Kit

    Quality and performance are design principles at Lynx. On a first impression of a Lynx, the first thing noticed is the gleaming stainless steel. When lifting the grill hood, you will notice you can do it with a single finger. It weighs nearly 40 pounds, but with the Lynx Hood Assist Kit and its seesaw-like balance, the hood opens and closes effortlessly.

    Hot Surface Ignition System

    Hot Surface Ignition System

    Ignition is always a critical component on a grill. Lynx uses a hot element precisely above the burner port to ignite the burner quickly and safely. No more worrying about lighting the grill.

    Cast Brass Burners

    Cast Brass Burners

    (Professional Series only)
    Countless other grills use tubular steel burners. Lynx casts their burners in brass, because brass is more efficient in holding and radiating high temperatures. In addition, cast brass is less prone to corrosion. Lynx also uses ceramic briquettes that are clipped into place. The result: extremely even cooking temperatures.

    ProSear Burner

    ProSear Burner

    A searing burner is what creates those exquisite grill marks on a restaurant steak. Although many grills have infrared searing burners, they only offer two settings - high or off. The Lynx ProSear burner is variable. Use it on high to sear a thick cut of beef, then turn it down when you are cooking a delicate dish like scallops.

    Heat Stabilizer

    The Heat Stabilizer

    When grilling, food should be at very even and consistent temperatures. If you've ever used a grill on a windy day, you know how difficult it can be to maintain a steady temperature. Lynx has patented a design that allows the grill to vent properly and deflects the wind.

    Integrated Illumination

    Integrated Illumination

    Lynx uses blue LED lights to illuminate the control knobs. Under the hood, ultra-bright halogen lights illuminate the grilling surface. You won't have to grill with a flashlight again

    Most Popular Lynx Professional Gas Grills

    Lynx Professional 42-Inch Built-In Natural Gas With One Infrared ProSear Burner And Rotisserie - L42PSR-2-NG

      • Innovative Trident ProSear infrared burner offers infinite temperature control between high and low
      • Sturdy cast brass burners provide superior heat retention and delivery
      • Large capacity smoker box lets you add unique flavor to grilled foods
      • Unique two-position, three-speed rotisserie with infrared burner produces slow roasted perfection
      • Lift assist and fluid handle rotation make raising the hood effortless
      Lynx Smoker Box Set
      Smoker Box Set Included!

      Smoking your food is easy with the Lynx Smoker Box Set! Complete with a high-grade stainless steel smoker box and polished wood handle, this Smoker Box Set will definitely add zest and rich flavor to your grill!

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