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Create a vibrant modern feel to your home with our Contemporary Alternatives series.

Fyre Glass is available in 15 different colors to match any decor or style.

Copper Reflective Fyre Glass

Star Fyre

Sapphire Fyre Glass

Emerald Reflective Fyre Glass

Emerald Fyre Glass

Caribbean Blue Reflective Fyre Glass

Caribbean Blue Fyre Glass

Bronze Fyre Glass

Black Reflective Fyre Glass

Azura Fyre Glass

Black Fyre Glass

Clear Fyre Glass

Gold Reflective Fyre Glass

  • Recommended for use with G45 GL Burner
  • Also compatible with Pan Burner (PB Series)
  • Also compatible with G45 GL See Through Glass Burner
  • Clean Alternative to Wood Burning
  • 15 Vibrant Colors Available
  • Natural Gas or Propane (please specify)

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